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The Snowdrop Garden, Grantham

This was an NHS hospital garden specifically designed as a therapeutic space for people living with dementia. Inspiration for the garden came from the humble snowdrop which provides a welcome sight towards the end of the winter months and also give hope to those suffering with dementia as its medicinal powers are known to slow down the destructive processes of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Snowdrop Garden, Grantham

Stone spheres

Site – The site the team were presented with was a long, thin courtyard garden set within the hospital site. The concrete paving was harsh and barren offering no respite or relaxation.

Brief – The brief given by the hospital was to create a stimulating and safe garden environment for people suffering from dementia and serious mental health problems.

The snowdrop garden plan

Annotated design of the snowdrop garden

Design – The garden design was divided into three distinct areas to allow for different activities and to stimulate different associations. The Terrace, with lots of seating for visitors and familiar aromatic herbs to stimulate the senses and aid relaxation. The Green with tactile planting such as grasses that sway and add movement and space for activities such as bowls. The Oasis, with the sound of water and lush planting for quiet contemplation. The whole garden is linked by a ribbon path, ensuring residents always return ‘home’.

The Snowdrop Garden

Seating area with beech trees and hedging

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