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Small town garden, London

The client required a low maintenance garden where he could entertain friends in an evening when he was staying at his crash pad in London.

Small Town Garden, London

Latte trellis screening

Site – This was a very small split level enclosed courtyard garden.

Brief – The task here was to improve access between levels, incorporating storage, space to sit during the evenings with a water feature and lighting to create atmosphere on an evening.

Small Town Garden, London

Bespoke timber steps create a feature as you enter the garden

Design – Bespoke Timber steps were designed to create a feature staircase from the exit of the house and down into the small lower garden. Walls topped with lattice trellis helped to improve privacy. Matching bench seating was created, waterproofed and hinged to provide storage. A Zinc effect planter was modified to create a water trough fed by a walled lions head for decorative and sensory effect.

Small Town Garden, London

Latte trellis screening and atmospheric evening lighting

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